What is a VFR?

A Virtual Fitting Room (VFR) is an extension of a live storefront fitting room.  We invite you to take advantage of our VFR concept.



How does the VFR work?

  • View the below short video 



You purchase the size and style of jeans you think will best fit your body, based upon our size chart.    

The VFR concept allows you to request different sizes and enhancement types for the same Product Style, without purchasing the items, to try on along with the jeans that you have already purchased.   Product Styles are:  Classic 2  |  Classic 3  |  Classic 2 Jegging  |  Classic 3 Jegging

You can request:

  • Option 1:  One size smaller; your choice of any enhancement type;
  • Option 2:  One size larger; your choice of any enhancement type;
  • Option 3:  One size smaller and one size larger; your choice of any enhancement type;

Brilliant You pays for the return shipment for the VFR items you decide to return.  If you decide to keep a VFR item, send us an email, text, or call us with your payment preference.  

Send emails to:  customercare@brilliantyoudenim.com  |  Text/Call Us:  (336) 343.5535 



Why does Brilliant You have a VFR?

The primary reason is to help minimize the risk and time invested in purchasing online products.  We know how difficult it is to find a great pair of jeans that fit our unique curves.  And, with our very busy lifestyle, most of us do a lot of online shopping to save time.  So, Brilliant You like to add as much convenience as possible, while minimizing potential frustration, by introducing the VFR concept.  Of which, the main goal is to assistant you in getting that right jeans fit in the minimum amount of time!