The Beginning

Brilliant You® LLC design and manufacture personalized jeans for women and men.  The company was established in May 2012, by an Electrical Engineer-Terry Davis in pursuit of the American dream; see Our Story .  Inspired by her passion to be an example for others, she courageously introduced a scientific approach to developing denim apparel.  Today, Brilliant You Denim brands offer a fresh and fun new innovative design approach to jeans. We like to call it "A New Era in Denim". 

The company production facility is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We perform end-to-end product development, production, as well as shipping and receiving in our facility.  We are proud to produce our products in the USA. In addition, our raw goods are purchased from Suppliers that strongly promote made in the USA; see Our Suppliers.  Many of them have supported the denim industry since the late 1800's.  Moving forward, we will continue our tradition to utilize Suppliers whose products are produced in America.


To redefine your jeans experience.
To engineer life experience brands.
To deliver high quality, affordable, and personalized jeans Made in the USA.


Brilliant You® Denim apparel is innovative, unique, and original. We incorporate an object-shaped material into the seams of the garment; to improve the way the jeans conform to each person body.  Given the fact that no two individuals are shaped exactly alike and our bodies are ever-changing, for optimum fit and comfort, our clothing should embrace these facts.   

B U Denim designs incorporate very stretchy triangle-shaped material into the jeans seams. We call this concept "Enhancements".  We are certain the Enhancement concept is original since we have been awarded multiple patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
These Enhancements increase the comfort and fit to your unique body shape.  They provide several extra inches of comfort to accommodate body changes over time. Thus providing that optimum fit even with weight fluctuations.  Another benefit our designs offer is that they cater to customers personality.   This is accomplished by allowing each customer to personalize their jeans by choosing from a wide range of stretchy velvet, animal prints, faux leather fabric, and now denim fabric.  
We believe our products will truly fit into your multifaceted lifestyle and add endless mix and match possibilities.


We believe our customers are to be treated the same way we desire to be treated.  And over time, we are certain this believe will allow us to graciously serve you, pay attention to your needs, and empower us to grow as a dynamic team. Our team integrity and accountability will always be on display.  And your feedback will always be valued and appreciated on how we can better serve you.  



We are committed to consistently adding a unique and pleasant experience every time you wear Brilliant You® apparel.  This philosophy is at the core of our way of doing business and the care in which we develop our brands.   This commitment starts with paying attention to the details in how we develop, manufacture, and ship our products.  We have developed a fully integrated Product Development Lifecycle that we utilize as a benchmark to identify areas of improvement.  For example, we wash and dry our denim material before sewing our jeans. This will minimize the time our customers spend getting the best jeans fit and increase their satisfaction in how the jeans fit after the first washing.  This demonstrates one example of our commitment to develop our products with you at the center of the decision making process.  

Our North Carolina production facility is composed of the most high-tech and modern sewing machines available in the textile industry.  We cut and sew all our products in this facility; as well as inspection of our jeans occur at every process stage of sewing them.  Every pair of our jeans is assigned a quality control number that allows our team to track the sewer and inspector for every stage.  
Our highly skilled workforce have had a passion for fashion and sewing since childhood.  We challenge ourselves to stay informed on the most robust techniques and best practices for sewing seams, stitches, constructing folds, overlays, etc. that will add quality and reliability to the end product.  We work closely with our Suppliers to ensure our denim and enhancement fabric as well as sewing thread is the highest quality and contain minimal variation.   We take great pride and care in producing an American made product on our soil.         
We are dedicated to earning your business.