How We Got Started

The Brilliant You® story began on May 9, 2012. As the founder, I strongly believe that the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness can still be a reality. As Americans, our zeal and passion for life is so interlaced with the fulfillment that we receive by helping others.

And such is the humble beginning of Brilliant You®.

The Brilliant You® Denim collection was inspired by changes that my personal body experienced over a period of ten years. As a woman, we do not always have control over how our bodies change from month-to-month or even day-to-day; depending on what we are going through.

After a very costly and time-consuming ten-year-long experience, I got the idea of how wonderful and cost-efficient it would be, if everyday clothing was designed to accommodate frequent body fluctuations. So I asked myself, if I am thinking along these lines, I wonder how many other people have had the same thought…

How often do we hear, a thought is just that unless we do something about it? So, I started with jeans, one type of clothing I spend more money on due to frequent changes in my body. I remembered many conversations with friends that love their jeans, but needed to drop a couple inches before they could wear them, especially after being tucked away in the closet. I also remembered many of my friends saying they had given up on finding jeans that are comfortable after being washed, or only fit at certain times. Putting all this data together, I processed it by drawing from many years of engineering experience.

I challenged myself to remember one of the most valuable lessons that have served me well over the many years I worked as an Electrical Engineer – which is KISS (keep it simple scientist). Applying this well proven wisdom, I came up with the idea of “Enhancements”.

The Enhancements are made of triangle-shaped very stretchable solids and prints that takes your everyday jeans and transforms it into exceptional flexible and comfortable fit, timeless look, while conforming and moving with your body type -  celebrating your body's uniqueness.  As well as providing extra inches of comfort whenever the need arises so you remain fashionable and feel wonderful. 

The Classic 2 Collection incorporate enhancements into the outer thigh seam of the jeans.  The Classic 2 Jegging Collection incorporate enhancements into the outer thigh seam and lower leg of the jeans.  The Classic 3 Collection incorporate enhancements into the outer and inner thigh seam of the jeans. The Classic 3 Jegging Collection incorporate enhancements into the outer and inner thigh; as well as the lower leg of the jeans seam.  All our jeans designs are patented - indeed they are innovative and original. 

This concludes chapter one of the Brilliant You® story. I am very thankful to God and privileged to provide you with more choices to help stretch your everyday wardrobe budget further as you go about your day pursuing your life dreams. And, with perseverance, determination, vision, and a positive attitude, you will also be writing your own chapter one success story! 

Terry L. Davis
Owner and Founder