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Product Information

Classic 3 Jegging is designed with inner and outer thigh enhancements, as well as a bottom leg enhancement.  The triangle shaped enhancement material is incorporated into the jeans seam to increase the comfort and fit to your unique body shape.  These enhancements provide several extra inches of comfort to accommodate body changes over time. Thus providing that optimum fit even with weight fluctuations.

These jeans provide exceptional comfort for traveling, weight fluctuation, motorcycle riding, horseback riding, retirement lifestyles, as well as all day wearing.


Denim Fabric:  76% Cotton/22% Polyester/2% Spandex;  Shade: Dark Blue;  Medium Weight


Fabric:   Velvet, Prints, and Faux Leather: 90% Poly/10% Spandex;  Denim: 76% Cotton/22% Poly/2% Spandex


Machine Washed | Tight Bottom Leg Fit | Mid Rise or High Rise | 36” Inseam (No extra cost to shorten by 1" to 3") | Elegant Pocket Lining | Extra Waistband Button | Fly Zipper | Patent Issued

Enhancements: Inner and Outer Thigh + Bottom Leg Location | Choose Your Style - See Swat Images under My Size and Enhancements  

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Our Commitment:

We are committed to consistently adding a unique and pleasant experience every time you wear Brilliant You® apparel.  This philosophy is at the core of our way of doing business and the care in which we develop our brands.   This commitment starts with paying attention to the details in how we develop, manufacture, and ship our products.  We have developed a fully integrated Product Development Life-cycle that we utilize as a benchmark to identify areas of improvement.  For example, we wash and dry our denim material before sewing our jeans. This will minimize the time our customers spend getting the best jeans fit and increase their satisfaction in how the jeans fit after the first washing.  This demonstrates one example of our commitment to develop our products with you at the center of the decision making process.  

Our North Carolina production facility is composed of the most high-tech and modern sewing machines available in the textile industry.  We cut and sew all our products in this facility; as well as inspection of our jeans occur at every process stage of sewing them.  Every pair of our jeans is assigned a quality control number that allows our team to track the sewer and inspector for every stage.  

Our highly skilled workforce has had a passion for fashion and sewing since childhood.  We challenge ourselves to stay informed on the most robust techniques and best practices for sewing seams, stitches, constructing folds, overlays, etc. that will add quality and reliability to the end product.  We work closely with our Suppliers to ensure our denim and enhancement fabric as well as sewing thread is the highest quality and contain minimal variation.   We take great pride and care in producing an American made product on our soil. We are dedicated to earning your business.

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