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Classic 3 Jegging is designed with inner and outer thigh enhancements, as well as a bottom leg enhancement.  The triangle shaped enhancement material is incorporated into the jeans seam to increase the comfort and fit to your unique body shape.  These enhancements provide at least five extra inches of comfort to accommodate body changes over time. Thus providing that optimum fit even with weight fluctuations.

These jeans provide exceptional comfort for traveling, weight loss, motorcycle riding, horse back riding, and retirement lifestyles.


Denim Fabric
    • 89% Cotton  |  8% Polyester  |  3% Spandex
    • Shade:  Dark Blue
    • Medium Weight


See “My Size & Enhancements” page for Swats

    • Velvet, Prints, and Fake Leather:  90% Polyester  |  10% Spandex
    • Denim:  89% Cotton  |  8% Polyester  |  3% Spandex


        Already Washed  |  Tight Bottom Leg Fit  |  Mid-Rise  |  36" Inseam
        Elegant Pocket Lining  |  Extra Waistband Button  |  Fly Zipper  |  Patent Issued
        Enhancements: Inner and Outer Thigh + Bottom Leg Location  |  Eleven Choices

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